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Stream of Consciousness #02 | Disliking vs Dismissing Content?
Today’s post is a post that I actually have been sitting on doing for quite some time. It initially stemmed from a couple tweets I had seen in passing and I felt passionate enough at the time to want to have a chat about it. In the end, though, I felt that the topic, at that point in time, wasn’t worth commenting on in as large of a manner as my blog posts tend to do.

Fast forward to now and I feel that now is a good time to actually address this topic from my perspective and then lay it to rest finally. I will openly admit that a couple of blog posts and tweets that I had seen fly across my timeline inspired my want to talk about this again, but it isn’t exactly directed at anyone. More than anything, it’s directed towards an idea and the negative aspect of said ideal that people tend to overlook.

I will be the first to admit that there are some blog post types and genres that I absolutely cannot stand and will actively ignore blogs for that reason. Seriously, I almost always avoid photo-only based blogs and while I do accept them—because it’s rude to turn away someone’s good will—I actually actively avoid “award” posts. There’s a reason I, almost always, break the chain when it comes to “award” posts.

So obviously, I have no qualms about people disliking or feeling some type of way about a particular type of content because that’s just how people work. Sometimes things vibe with you, other times they don’t. However, my problem lies when people make the things they dislike seem they should be a revolutionary dislike, pet peeve, or annoyance.

The thing is, that is so dismissive. And yes, even coming from a good place, it’s dismissive.

Now, let’s clear something up real quick. There are blog content types that are ridiculously popular and continue to grow in popularity at an alarming rate. While this is normal for blogging as a whole—look at when MySpace blogs were a thing and blog tags were popular and then they suddenly now have a resurgence in the shape of “awards”—it can seem a bit suspect if this is something that you’ve really gotten into in recent times. And while there is a reason for it, it can get annoying and it can seem a bit skeevy. That said, it doesn’t make the content any less valid.

And that’s what is really my issue with the argument that certain types of blog posts are only created because they are popular, it dismisses the validity of the content and how is that fair in any way?

How is it fair that you can sit here and question the validity of others’ content? In what universe do you have an excuse to say that popularity is the only reason for someone to post a particular type of content? Isn’t it ignoring the fact that maybe some people feel more confident introducing a particular type of content to their blog when they see that others get a decent response to their own version of that same content?

We speak so much about wanting our fellow bloggers to be confident, happy, and content with the content they produce and release but we are the people that knock down our fellow bloggers the most when it suits our fancy.
(And note, I’m using we as a general plural and am aware that this doesn’t go for everyone.)

The popularity of content doesn’t subtract away validity from content. If it doesn’t work in the real world, why would it work in the Blogosphere? Why are we perpetuating this ideal? And what makes the people perpetuating this ideal so special? Because let’s be real, we’re all followers, to some extent, and there’s nothing wrong with that. There’s nothing wrong with drawing from what is popular and trying to apply it to yourself, your content, your personality, and your content.

But maybe I just view the world differently. Admittedly, I’m apathetic towards most things and do not understand why people care so much about how people choose approach certain things.

How do you feel on this subject? Leave a comment below and we can chat about it! I’m always interested in different perspectives and finding out why people feel certain ways about certain topics. ♡

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