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The Real Neat Blog Award
A Rather Late Response to a Lovely Thing
This post is so incredibly late that even I'm a wee bit baffled at how long this took me to get out. In the middle of taking a hiatus to get a proper work schedule and get school things done, I had somehow managed to forget that I had half completed this post and never did get around to posting or really chatting about it. So here we are nearly two months later and hopping on this train far too bloody late.

Back in March, my lovely and precious dumpling, Lizzie Bee, announced me a winner of her The Real Neat Blog Award and holy moly, am I just absolutely chuffed about this. Before I prattle a bit, I want to take a moment to tell you lovelies to check Lizzie out if you haven’t already. She’s terribly sweet and I completely love reading her posts and think you lot will too.

That said, I’m going to be breaking a major rule for this post. I’m not going to select winners. Hear me out! I took a rather long and unannounced hiatus and me, personally, don’t feel that I deserve to call people a winner when I couldn’t even be arsed to get this post out in a decent timeframe. I am, however, going to say that all of you deserve this award and that if you’re down for it, take my questions and answer it because you damned well deserve it! ♡

1. If you could live in a book/TV show/film what would it be?
If I could live in any book, television show or film, I’d probably choose the Marvel comic book universe—not the cinematic one. I know it’s not the best and it can get incredibly dark and depressing, but I thoroughly enjoy that. For as outlandish as it is, because it is a comic book, it’s still ridiculously realistic and it has some of the more believable characters in a comic book setting. Also, how they made the multiverse idea work is kind of amazing to me.

(Though, I would request that I have the same writer forever because when Marvel gets different writers for their characters, their characters have no sense of continuity and it’s frankly piss-poor writing. But whatever, I still appreciate it enough.)

2. How do you want to be remembered?
This is going to sound weird, but I don’t want to be remembered. Or rather, I don’t want to be remembered in the context that people typically think of when they think of remembrance. I want those who know me and built a connection with me to remember as I was to them. Outside of those people, I would rather what I’ve put out into the world, good or bad, to be remembered more than being remembered as myself since what I put out there is what people see.

I hope that made sense.

3. What's the craziest thing you have ever done?
I actually cannot answer this one because it involves a lot of things and people that I can’t name or don’t associate with anymore and out of respect, I don’t name drop in a place that allows for public viewing. I can answer this question if you ask me privately in a DM or something.

4. Where do you see blogging in five, ten years time?
This is a weird question because I don’t really look that deep when it comes to blogging. Here’s the thing, right? Blogging, much like YouTube, not only has this weird hurdle to overcome when it comes to outside sources—various outlets refuse to acknowledge our “type” of blogging as actual blogging, brands will request more from you depending on your blogging platform, certain laws and legal protections are still finicky for us, etc.—but the community is in a weird place where bitterness is prevalent.

I’m probably going to get a bit of shite for this and I may go a bit more in-depth about this in a later post, but the blogging community is full of petty and bitter people. Not everyone is this way and I wouldn’t even say it’s a majority but it’s a vocal minority and it makes the entire community look absolutely awful. In the same breath, bloggers get angry over small things rather than staying in their own lane or there are bloggers that cheat their way to being success stories.

I only bring this all up because it’s relevant to the question. Where do I see blogging in the next half-a-decade to decade? No idea. Because as long as the community continues to have this minority of—let’s call them what they are—twats and we’re constantly being held down left and right, blogging and its community are going to be a position where they don’t grow and become what they should be.

(Soz, but not really. I wish I was, but I’m not.)

5. What is your favourite fashion item?
Do wigs count as a fashion item or are they more of a beauty item? If they count as fashion, then wigs. There’s something absolutely lovely about being able to, essentially, be a different type of persona when you want.

6. Why did you start blogging?
This is such a layered answer because I like to think of my blogging “career” in four stages.

The first stage was when I came into blogging mostly because I wanted an excuse to make pretty layouts and do fun tags. Think MySpace era of things and you have the first stage. The second stage was back in 2010 when I really got close to my lovely best mate-waifu and took up blogging because I wanted something that I could use to further connect with her on. This was back when the blog was known as Monochromatics.

The third stage was when I came back to blogging as an entertainment/beauty/review blogger in the hopes that I’d get freebies and attention. I was in a bad place mentally. This was back when the blog went through the names sumeoseo, Extremis, Waiting for June, efflorescents, etc. before pissing off into obscurity. The fourth, and final stage, was this iteration of the blog. I came back to blogging simply because I wanted to. I wanted a place that I could call my own and chat comfortably about the things I cared about when I wasn’t able to do so verbally.

So, honestly, the answer is really loaded and has several different answers attached to it.

7. What was your first makeup item?
Unsurprising, black eyeliner. I was one of those “emo”/“scene” kids who was super deep into the black liner and that’s it. So definitely, black eyeliner. And to this day, black eyeliner is still my fucking jam. You can take the emo away from the kid, but you can’t take the emo out of the kid, amirite or what?

As I mentioned above, I won’t be choosing anyone to be a winner because I don’t think it’s fair considering my lateness and I want every single of you bloggers to consider yourselves an owner of a Real Neat Blog—and heck, you vloggers too—because this world is not easy to get into and stay active in.

You’re all winners and you all deserve to answer these questions. (And if you do, mention me on Twitter—@mchispeaks—with a link to your responses and I will hop on that so fast to drop a comment! ♡)

Here’s my set of questions:
If you could go back and do-over any aspect of your life, would you? Why or why not?
When you look back on your life thus far, what is your proudest moment?
What is one line or quote from a book that resonates with you to this day?
Put your Spotify/iTunes/Music Player on Shuffle and tell me what are the first five songs that pop up?
What was the last anime/movie/television show you watched? Did you enjoy it?
If you could only keep one product for the rest of your life, what would it be?
What is your current favourite song and album?

And the rules are:
Thank & link the blogger who tagged you.
Answer those 7 questions.
Nominate 7 bloggers once you've answered the said questions.
Ask 7 new questions!

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